Social Media Management

Social Media Management is crucial to every business today. From the smallest to largest companies social media is a way to engage and grow your customer base. The 3 largest social media platforms today are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These are the pages that every business should have and be engaging with their potential customers with on a daily basis. Social media has evolved into one of the cheapest, most effective ways to advertise to customers. Not only is it great for getting out information about your business, social media signals are one of the largest ranking factors in 2018 for Google. Having a strong social presence will have a huge effect on ranking your website higher in Google. We serve all of eastern NC including Greenville, Raleigh, Wilmington, & more!

Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram Posting

What are we offering? For a low price of $150 per month, you get a dedicated Social Media Manager that will contact you twice a week to work on posts designed to grow your social media presence and drive results for your business. Your social Media Manager will set up your Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram Pages, and optimize them for you. They will manage those pages, and post on all 3 platforms twice a week. Continuous engagement and growth of your social media presence is our goal. Once your pages are set, you have been on-boarded and assigned your social media manager, you will receive an email twice a week with an image and text custom designed for your business. You may ask for different images, edits, or even send images or video yourself. Once you are satisfied with the post you just reply approved! That post will be shared across Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. Any replies, or messages will be responded to for you. We may email you with questions, as it will take time for your social media manager to learn and get to know your business. Getting a Social Media Manager from Digital Legacy is the smartest decision any business owner could make this year! Sign up now for the low price of $150!!!